Massage and lube

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massage and lube
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Reddit Asked: Can I Use Coconut Oil as a Lubricant?

There are so many different types of lubes for every occasion and purpose, it can get pretty confusing when choosing the right one for you. - Have an embarrassing sex question?

Play Massage 2 in 1 contains Aloe Vera, known for its skin soothing properties and perfect to enhance your massage. Play Massage 2 in 1 is soft, smooth and silky and is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as intimate areas. It's also non greasy and fragrance free.
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Once you've got the basics down, amp up your lube game with these sexy ideas that aren't just squeezing a few drops before getting it on., Type keyword s to search.

Fancy some extra pleasure and stimulation? It can be used to compensate for the problems of vaginal dryness and discomfort, and it helps enhance the sensual connection between you and your partner. The gel is water-based and can be used with condoms: both inside and outside the condom for heightened sensitivity. With its pH balanced formula, this odorless and colorless gel has just the perfect constitution to improve sex without causing any form of irritation or discomfort.

There are fun secrets that you learn over the span of your life as a sexually active being, and if you're a good person, you share them with your community. In times of need, you might resort to your kitchen for what ends up being the best lube of all time , or maybe you realize what you needed all along was just a pair of socks. The best part about sex hacks is that everyone has them. I asked my best friend what kind of sex hacks she uses in the bedroom and received way too much information about cock rings see below. So get comfy, microwave some coconut oil, do some Kegels, and orgasm away.

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  1. 2-in-1s can be confusing because they say both 'massage' and 'lube' on the packaging. But really, they can be used as both. I think brands like.

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