Splatoon octoling and inkling

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Octoling (Enemy)

splatoon octoling and inkling

Splatoon Pearl X Marina by Cobat (Sound)

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Octoling Sanitized Octoling. Splatoon; Splatoon 2; Sanitized Verison a subspecies of Octarians and elite fighters that are the octopus equivalent to an Inkling.
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Like Inklings they have the ability to morph, but into an octopus. Octolings can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces, and are heavily armed with bombs and ink guns. It appears that only female Octolings are in Hero Mode, but DJ Octavio may be an Octarian with the ability to transform between two forms at will. Octolings may have been the main opponent of the Inklings in the Great Turf War But according to a sunken scroll it appears that Captain Cuttlefish was friends with DJ Octavio as they are seen sitting down together having a cheerful conversation. There are two versions of the Octoling: the red-haired regular troopers such as the one pictured on the right , and the second elite soldiers, which features blackish hair with seaweed on the sides. It should be noted that in the later stages of Hero Mode, these upgraded versions of Octolings may appear and are harder to splat than regular Octolings.

Sanitized Octarians are a variation of Octarians that have been sterilized or disinfected. These Octarians have been sterilized with a type of primordial ooze created by Commander Tartar. The process of sanitizing results in the Octarian losing all sense of free will, allowing them to be controlled similar to robots as seen with the dialogue from Sanitized Octolings. Marina notes that the sanitized Octarians appear to have no pulse or signs of life. Octarians usually resemble tentacles rather than full octopi. They are blue and teal colored, with their suckers present on the teal side of their bodies, googly teal and black eyes, neon green lips, and tiny legs in black boots.

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  1. The player can switch between them and the Inklings in the Player Settings, however, the game will save both the player's Inkling and Octoling so they can play.

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