Did mick and whitney sleep together

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EE- Whitney and Mick

did mick and whitney sleep together
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8 surprise soap characters who cheated, from Emmerdale's Laurel Thomas to EastEnders' Mick Carter

Last night we found out that she's been staying with her brother Ryan but fans think she's hiding something huge is Whitney pregnant? Last night the show teased that Lauren Branning is pregnant after her boyfriend Steven Beale poked holes in their condoms.

EastEnders' Whitney Dean pregnant with Woody's baby?

The character is the ward of long-running character Bianca Jackson Patsy Palmer , and was introduced on 1 April when Palmer returned to the series after a six-year absence.
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Having dashed over to Bulgaria to look after Nancy who had been hit by a car, Mick had been off screen for six weeks. Mick has no idea that his wife Linda hired Woody to help out at the pub while they were both away. The pair have been on the edge of an affair and have kissed a number of times behind their partners' backs.

Whitney Dean

It was just last week that Danny Dyer, 39, was seen moving out of the home he shares with wife Joanne Mas and their three children, fueling speculation that their marriage is on the rocks. And in a case of art imitating life, upcoming EastEnders scenes will see his soap character Mick Carter confess to cheating on wife Linda, rocking their relationship. Explosive BBC scenes see the family man admitting to his shell-shocked wife that he kissed daughter-in-law Whitney. Mirroring his real life 'marriage woes'? Upcoming Eastenders scenes will see Danny Dyer's soap character Mick Carter confess to cheating on wife Linda, rocking their relationship. The story line - which airs on August 8th - will see two emotional episodes, dedicated to the staple couple battling to save their relationship. A source told The Mirror of the scenes: 'Viewers will know by then that there is nothing between Mick and Whitney at all, it was just one of those unfortunate things between two people in dark places that never should have happened.

When it comes to characters having affairs in Soapland, you've got your obvious repeat offenders the likes of Max Branning, Peter Barlow and Mercedes McQueen. And then you have those unlikely people who we had down as being serial monogamists, but genuinely surprised us by getting it on with someone they shouldn't. Here are eight naughty so-and-sos who we would have put money on not straying or betraying On the surface, Laurel's seemingly super sweet and knows right from wrong, but that's not stopped her getting up to no good with her friend's fella in her latest storyline. Her dalliance with Bob isn't the first time Laurel's misbehaved.

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