Frisk and chara

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frisk and chara
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Chara x Frisk

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Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and not the After the fight, Asriel recognizes the protagonist as Frisk. During the.
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Chara Frisk GIFs

Most references from Undertale Wikia. Frisk and Chara sprites from Wikia. Nearly all images taken from videos here , [here www.

Frisk/Chara returned to the Underground to see him. He believes the only one that would want to "see him suffer" is Chara. Remember that he.
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Hi there! After lots of playthroughs and a healthy amount of analysis I believe that I have a comprehensive explanation for the protagonist. I will mostly discuss how the endings indicate the composition of our protagonist - I will only discuss the narrator when it's necessary.
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Chara and Frisk are never portrayed interacting onscreen, but Chara is implied to be somehow attached to Frisk throughout the course of the game. They are even more vaguely implied to stay in the Underground when Frisk leaves in the True Pacifist ending, unless the player has previously completed the No Mercy route, after which Chara is shown to somehow trade places with Frisk at the very end of the True Pacifist route's credits. As a relationship that is never shown but still plausible, the concept of Chara and Frisk interacting enchanted Western fandom very rapidly after the game's release. As Chara and Frisk's individual characterization has a great deal of room for interpretation due to the nature of canon, this allows fans a high degree of freedom to imagine the pairing however they want. Chara is usually portrayed as possessing Frisk in Western fanwork, either as a ghost following after them or sharing their body, and they are generally portrayed as only able to directly communicate to Frisk.

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