Straight guy held down and fucked

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Hold Him Down and Fuck Him

straight guy held down and fucked
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He needed to do some minor work around his small hunting cabin and would need a hand doing a few of the things. He said we could do a little partying out there later in the night if we wanted to and head back home the next day.
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As the family wagon pulled into a small truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Jack's father turned to him and his mother. The problem is that it's a long drive and Jacks iPod ran out of battery a long time ago. Since then all he has had to entertain himself was his imagination, and like every other teenage boy, his couldn't help but fantasies about things of an x-rated nature.

He pinned my arms above my head, 50 Shades style, and I got hickies all down my chest. So tonight he started teasing me, making me wet. He pulled my panties down, putting his dick on my pussy. Then he grabbed my waist and bent me over and fucked me sooo good, he even made me call him daddy…GOD I love him.

Last Friday night I went to this party with one of my buddies and wound up doing something I never thought I'd ever do. We were all sitting around listening to some music, smoking some blunts, drinking some beers, and talking with each other just having a good time. I started talking about sportbikes with this guy and he asked me if I wanted to go in his room and watch some sportbike movies he'd made so I said "hell yea man lets see 'em. So we go into his room and he closes the door behind him and I sit down on his bed next to his desk while he pulls up some of the videos. He started clicking on videos he had saved in a " movie " folder and a couple of movies in he opened up this video that showed a guy getting fucked in the ass by another guy.

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