Brutal fight tube

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Shocking moment gang stamp on victim's head at Oxford Circus tube station

brutal fight tube
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Chiefs star Kareem Hunt pushes, kicks woman in brutal video

Liverpool and Man City fans in brutal Tube brawl before Community Shield as 7 arrested

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CCTV shows the sickening moment a gang of thugs repeatedly stamp on a man's head at a London tube station, leaving him with permanent brain injuries. Goti, 22, hit one of the men on the platform, who pushed her back, before Ali smashed him over the head. Ali, 20, hit him with a large glass bottle.

Supporters of both sides were seen to be scrapping on the Metropolitan Line London Underground service ahead of Sunday's match at Wembley. All seven were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder following the incident at Great Portland Street station at around 2pm yesterday afternoon. Liverpool and City were facing off in the annual season opener, which is competed between two of England's best teams from the previous campaign. In dramatic footage shared on social media, about a dozen hooligans are seen brawling on a packed train which is stuck on the platform because the fight is spilling out of the carriage and blocking the doors from closing. The train, thought to be on its way to Wembley Park station, was parked at Great Portland Street station when the violence broke out. One set of supporters is seen on the platform, while the others were inside the entrance of the train.

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