Actress who played po

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Pui Fan Lee

actress who played po
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Pui Fan Lee born 14 July is an English actress and presenter, [1] best known for portraying Po in the children's television programme Teletubbies , and more recently for presenting the popular CBeebies pre-school educational programme Show Me Show Me. She began acting while still at school when she was chosen to be part of Central Independent Television 's children's workshop. She appeared in the Channel 4 series Metrosexuality ; she portrayed Debra in the second season of the BBC television comedy series Chef!
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Teletubbies’ Po went on to star in ‘exciting’ lesbian sex scene for Channel 4

Hitting screens in , Teletubbies introduced us to Tubbyland, Tubby toast, Tubby custard and even Noo Noo the hoover. The show ran until and over its four-year run a band of actors donned the huge suits and bounced around as they brought the characters to life.


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Trained ballet dancer Shelton was not the original Tinky Winky. Dave Thompson first played the role, but was reportedly removed from the show after he gave an interview in which he admitted to playing the character as a homosexual. Before playing the coolest of all the Teletubbies Simmit was a comedian, and remains so to this day. His website claims that he is John Cleese's secret love child, though we cannot confirm or deny this. As if being part of one hugely successful if not slightly surreal kids' show wasn't enough, since packing away her yellow suit Smedley has gone on to choreograph CBBC's In The Night Garden. After leaving Teletubbyland behind, Lee went on to me one of the presenters of CBeebies, the BBC's channel for children aged six and under. In she was the subject of controversy after appearing in the Channel 4 show Metrosexuality , in which she performed a sex act with another girl.

This maybe something you really wanna know, it might be something you really don't wanna know, but the human behind the Po costume in Teletubbies went on to pastures new after the show ended. And when I say 'pastures new', I mean 'lesbian porn'. Teletubbies was a staple for many children of this generation, introducing us to a world of giggling suns, A. I vacuum cleaners and toast with smiley faces. But it turns out those beloved characters running about on those green hills weren't so innocent away from the set. On the eve of the 20th anniversary this week, it has emerged that in , Pui Fan Le starred in Channel 4 drama 'Metrosexuality' in which she was filmed performing a sex act on another girl. While I have absolutely no interest in finding said scene on strictly moral grounds, I will show you a trailer for the show, albeit in French.

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  1. This maybe something you really wanna know, it might be something you really don't wanna know, but the human behind the Po costume in.

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