Did you cum yet

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did you cum yet
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Did You Cum Yet Mrs. Smith?

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‘Are You Done Yet?’: 14 Women Vent Their Frustrations About Men Who Take Too Long To Cum

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And every woman has either lied or just plain old ignored the question. The Female orgasm is harder to figure out than Chinese arithmetic, because every woman is different. You have girls who can cum faster than me when I first lost my virginity.
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It only takes me minutes to cum a couple of times and then I am done. Marathons hold no interest for me and can make me very sore. Give me your Minutemen, kinda, and I am happy as a clam!

Does anyone know the first recorded use of the word "cum" in the sexual context, in the English language? My girfriend speaks English and my English is not very strong. What style is "cum"? If I ask her "did you cum? Is it a loving way of asking if she had an orgasm?


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