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Underwater Love

onna no kappa online

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Onna no kappa (2011) Streaming Integral

Clumsy on land, they are at home in the water, where they thrive during the warm months., Forgot your password?

Arte wird am Samstag, den Juli um Das freut uns!

A new one every day. Asuka takes the Kappa home, and falls into a strange but passionate affair with the sea beast. It's a crazy, funny and entertaining twisted folk story with a great cinematography by Chris Doyle, an amazing soundtrack by Stereo Total and great silly choreographies. Well, basically And some minimal elements of japanese folklore, so one can put it in a context.

Absolutely one of the greatest, most cringe-worthy movies I've ever seen.. A masterpiece of genre film-making, really worth to watch.. The film conceals as much as it reveals, and its beauty is that it pretends to do nothing else. Music perfectly fits with the m

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  1. Synopsis. Asuka works at a fish factory and is absorbed in all the preparations for her upcoming wedding. Her plans will change drastically when a kappa?a.

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