El zorro costume

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Party Deko und Kostume fur jede Veranstaltung!

el zorro costume
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Zorro Costumes

El Zorro Costume

Who can forget the black-masked vigilante? With great Zorro costumes to choose from, you can show up at a Halloween party and no one will ever forget you. You can dress as the outlaw and look just as authentic as Antonio Banderas did or Catherine Zeta Jones for the female version.

How to Dress Like Zorro

Dress up as the famous masked hero with the Zorro Halloween Costume. It comes with a shirt, pants and a flowing cape with gold accents. Boot tops are also included. You can fasten these over a pair of regular shoes for both comfort and style. This Zorro costume also comes with a belt that features the character logo, a bandanna and an eye mask. The toy sword is sold separately. The fabric of this adult men's Halloween costume is made of a poly-cotton blend, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and convenient.

Instead, he stops them from being oppressed by taking on corrupt and greedy authorities. The outlaw dressed in all-black has been featured in many books, television series, and movies. Dress up like the masked vigilante with this Zorro costume guide. To cosplay Zorro, first, put on his signature black Bandana and Eye Mask. When you wear your black cloak and mask, make sure to move with style.

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