Alpha and omega sex fanfiction

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alpha and omega sex fanfiction
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This is where I will be posting lemon requests from you guys. if you want me to do your request go to my home page and read the rules to see.
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I made this one a bit longer, because I think that I made the other one slightly shorter because I was getting into the swing-of-things.
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The person who requested this wants to remain anonymous., Okay first off Kate isn't cheating on Humphrey I am a Humphrey x Kate fan in this story everybody has polyamorous relationship.

But I was thinking about it and I realized: no one here has created Humphrey mating with Reba and I know I really hate Humphrey loving or even mating with another girl besides Kate but this is just for entertainment purposes only. Humphrey was panting heavily as he walked towards the entrance of his and Kate's den. His wolfhood was dripping with his cum from mating with Kate for the first time in his life, but not for long. Kate was back in the den lying on her side exhausted from having sex with Humphrey and her pussy was completely soaked from her mate's cum. She just had the best day of her life and before that they both agreed that they would have pups if Kate got pregnant. Why don't you rest?

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