Lady with the worlds biggest boobs

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Remember the woman with the world’s biggest boobs? Chelsea Charms has gone viral

lady with the worlds biggest boobs

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Most women want a bigger set of tatas at some point in their life, but these ladies take the cake. Some of these women are all natural and others have gone to extreme measures to get some of the biggest boobs in the world, and most are nowhere near ending their plastic surgery procedures. Some chests are so big, we can't help but wonder how they women walk around or stand up straight.
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This Woman Has The Biggest Boobs In The World – Oh The Back Pain!

Martina Big returned to This Morning to discuss her latest surgery and how she will soon have the biggest breast implants in the world. Martina hit the headlines all over the world after claiming she had changed her race to become a black woman with the help of tanning injections. After going under the knife again a few weeks ago, Martina is now just four inches away from having the biggest boobs in the world.

And now four years on she is a viral sensation, who still lays claim to having the biggest chest. - Chelsea Charms is an internet model and erotic dancer.

If you struggle to find a bra to fit your ample cleavage, spare a thought for mum-of-two Annie Hawkins-Turner from Atlanta, Georgia. Telling how she struggled to cope as a teenager, she told The Sun that by the age of 9, her breasts had grown to a 36D. It was her late husband Allen Turner, who she met in , that convinced her to make the most of her chest, persuading her to send in some photos into a specialist magazine. No looking bad agter the fall yesterday lip a little swollen.

The year-old fetish model from Atlanta, Georgia has held the Guinness World Record for her eye-poppingly voluptuous cleavage since Unbelievably her enormous boobs, which weigh a staggering 65lbs each and are over four and a half foot in length, are still growing.

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