Raven dc cosplay

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raven dc cosplay

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One of the best things about any San Diego Comic Con event has to be seeing the large majority of a major fandom uniting to showcase their love and passion for that same fandom. SDCC was no different, as fans around the world came together to showcase through cosplay their love for DC Comics. One of the first cosplays that needs to be mentioned in this list has to be The Joker.
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There are, aesthetically, a lot of 'dark' cosplay characters, though not all possess traits of 'wickedness', heroism, sensuality, and a calm, cool, and collected attitude. - Skip to main content.

Raven DC Comic Cosplay Contacts

Overall, an excellent cosplay. I was very pleased with the fabric. The only problems were the belt and leotard. The leotard was too long for me but I fixed it up easily.

The laid-back Beast Boy is a fine option as he and Raven are very close. Cyborg, Starfire , and group leader Robin are also a part of her set and would complete the original founding members of the Teen Titans! Be sure to take a look at our posted pictures for more ideas on how to pull this look off and as always, send in your pics! Forced to control her emotions in order to reign in her powers, Raven is a serious and cautious character. Often exhibiting the most maturity in the group, she is quiet and seemingly without emotion.

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  1. Raven is in and badder than ever. Catch this months Raven cosplay set before its gone~ DM me for the details! I hope you all enjoy, over photos in this set~.

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