Artie and dana pictures

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Inside Artie Lange's last chance: 'I really have to stop myself from listening to the bad voice'

artie and dana pictures
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Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Inc. Artie Lange Timeline: Artie Lange and Dana Sironi Artie Lange and his girlfriend Dana Sironi.
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Letting the drug rule over your mind at first, gradually letting it take over your life is never a good thing, and it will never be! The consequences of which doesn't seem to be in Artie's favor. From being held captive for the possession of drugs, to getting fired from work, the roller-coaster ride that his addiction led him to is melancholic.

She also tells him, her mom Dana dated a fireman but never got.. Chris Cronin Says.
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Radar Online reports that the comedian was transferred to the Essex County Correctional Facility at approximately Tuesday morning. - The comments made by Arties lawyer have been taken out of context..

Arthur Steven Lange Jr. Born and raised in New Jersey , Lange first worked as a longshoreman and taxi driver to help support his family following the death of his quadriplegic father. In , he made his debut as a stand up comic and took up the profession full-time in the early s, performing in clubs and improv shows in and around New York City. His arrest for cocaine possession during the second season led to his departure and subsequent rehabilitation. He pursued various projects during this time; he released two comedy albums, co-wrote, produced, and starred in his feature film, Artie Lange's Beer League , and released his first book, Too Fat to Fish , which entered The New York Times Best Seller list at number one.

What, he wonders, will he miss if he isn't willing to find out? For him, the thrill of the chase is just too good to pass up. The risk of not showing up for court after being charged with heroin possession. The risk of cheating on his girlfriend with 11 strippers in Las Vegas. But Lange, now approaching his 51st birthday, didn't expect to make it to Martin's Press.

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