Ikkitousen episode list

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Ikki Tousen

ikkitousen episode list
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According to an announcement made on the official website on Saturday, the Ikkitousen franchise will be continued this year and not be brought to an end. It is unkno Mar 23, AM by tsubasalover Discuss 81 comments.

Ikki Tousen also known as Battle Vixens in North America, is a manga series written and Main article: List of Ikki Tousen characters . A episode anime adaptation of Ikki Tousen produced by saab-web.com and directed by Takashi Watanabe.
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The story centers on Hakufu Sonsaku, a fighter who transfers to Nanyo Academy, one of the seven schools involved in the turf war. A episode anime adaptation produced by J. A third anime season, also produced by Arms, aired on AT-X between June and August , spanning twelve episodes and featuring an original story and characters. A fourth anime season produced by TNK and Arms aired on AT-X and other channels between March and June , spanning 12 episodes and introducing new schools and characters. The first anime season was licensed in North America by Geneon Entertainment , [3] but it is now licensed by Funimation after Geneon withdrew from the anime market. The fighters of each school bear the sacred jewels called magatama , which contains the essence of warriors from the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China years ago, as well as their fates. Hakufu Sonsaku , the descendant of legendary conqueror Sun Ce , is a highly skilled fighter with a strong sense of personality who goes to Nanyo Academy where her cousin Koukin Shuuyu attends under her mother's request.

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  1. Ikki Tousen is an anime television series based on the manga by Yuji Shiozaki, published by Wani Books and serialized in the seinen manga magazine Comic.

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