Camcorder see through clothes

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The 707 That Could See Through Clothing???

camcorder see through clothes
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I happened to mention to one of my co-workers today, that there was a particular batch of 's that were ultimately pulled off the dealers shelves, that through a manufacturer's defect could penetrate clothing??????? It had something to do with the night vision feature of the camera that enabled this to happen.

In , Sony accidently released a Night Vision camcorder that had the ability to see through people's clothes. The situation was discovered.
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there were camcorders with an extended IR vision. If you have IR vision and a filter in front of the objective you can “see through clothing”.
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After Sony Consumer Electronics' acknowledgment that its new "NightShot"-equipped Handycams can reveal what's under people's clothing, retailers around the country have been deluged with calls from consumers trying to snap up the camcorders before their "disabled" replacements begin arriving on store shelves later this month. - On the more serious end of the spectrum, more than , Australian vehicles were caught up in a global recall of 53 million vehicles last year after it was discovered they were fitted with faulty airbags from Japanese manufacturer Takata.

The situation was discovered by Greg Hunter who demonstrated the same with the help of two volunteer models. The camcorders having a visual appearance similar to a normal were equipped with a lens that uses IR Infrared Rays to allow a person to take pictures in the dark, termed as Night Vision. Dark clothes like swim suits went transparent in front of those camcorders and it was in no matter of time, nude pictures of ladies were trending on the internet. Hunter demonstrated how the camcorder was comfortable enough to peep inside the clothes of two volunteer models. Sony tried to ameliorate the situation by launching new camcorders that lacked see through powers, but people were eager enough to find new ways to revamp the camcorder and impart see through powers, which was done by the use of special filters. However, Sony was bold enough to take no responsibility for those modified camcorders.

Add the following snippet to your HTML:. Read up about this project on. How to convert any camera into an infrared thermal camera - a very cheap but useful hack. Every camera sensor has the ability to see infrared, i. But the infrared blocking filter inside digital cameras protects the CCD sensor from burning due to high energy infrared light, such as sunlight. Now, if we remove the blocking infrared filter, the camera will also be able to see the infrared part of the light spectrum! Which is pretty cool because, after this hack, you can see hot objects with your camera glowing more as they emit more infrared energy.

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