Movies like sex and zen

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10 Movies about Sex that are Better Choices than 50 Shades of Grey

movies like sex and zen
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Director: Michael Mak. Genre: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Genre. Country: Hong Kong.
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3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

Don't miss out your favorite series! - A period drama about a young man, a duke and royal orgies drew hundreds in Hong Kong to the premiere of the territory's first 3D erotic film earlier this week.

Erotic films navigate the oceans of sexual desire, no matter whether that desire is frustrated and repressed or messily fulfilled. It is a category that spans the space between explicitness and restraint, between romance and pornography. Here are ten films from countries of the East Asian region—chiefly Japan, but also Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan—that in their different ways explore erotic themes. They also, as home-grown products, avoid the sort of hurtful orientalist fantasies that Westerners have been inclined in the past to project onto the Far East.


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  1. The erotic moments might seem a little tame by later standards but they were particularly daring back in the day.

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