The mysteries of alfred hedgehog

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The mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog

the mysteries of alfred hedgehog
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Alfred Hedgehog

The characters of the show consist of mainly the anthropomorphic woodland animals such as raccoons , moose and voles. The show follows three anthropomorphic animal pre-teens [ citation needed ] — Alfred Hedgehog , Milo Skunk and Camille Wallaby —as they solve mysteries in Gnarly Woods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This wiki is dedicated to the Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog cartoon series. If you landed here by accident, or with intention, good or bad, take some time and experience the beauty of this unique series. This wiki is dedicated to providing collected information pertaining to this series and it's characters, episodes, locations, and so on.

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  1. The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, also known as Les Mysteres d'Alfred, is a French-Canadian animated series that airs on several broadcast and cable.

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