What makes a man dick hard

How To Get Harder Erections Naturally: 7 Guaranteed Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Problems

what makes a man dick hard
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Why Does A Penis Get Hard? Here's What's Happening Below The Belt (And Above The Neck)

How To Get Hard Naturally & Keep Your Erection Harder For Longer

Despite what some may think, I can vouch for most males by saying not all of us wake up and go to sleep with a fully-erect penis. You see, while we may enjoy putting it to good use as often as we can, our minds and bodies don't always align perfectly with what's dangling between our legs. That's right: Even with all the confidence in the world, sometimes, men just can't get it up. We don't have much say in the matter.

Do you know why a penis gets hard? I've not really thought about it, I mean I know that has something to do with blood but that's about it. Oh, and also that whiskey dick is the opposite of an erection. I guess it's because my interactions with them have always been pretty straight forward, so I never gave them a second thought. The range of my experience with boners goes from in middle school thinking they were dorky and embarrassing things that meant boys carried their books like idiots and occasionally made an awkward appearance in a slow dance to having a healthy respect, but lack of understanding of them as an adult. I mean, I know how a vagina gets wet , but I've sort of neglected the boys. And I need to redress that balance.

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