I put my husband in chastity

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Top 10 Reasons To Put Your Husband In Chastity

i put my husband in chastity

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My husband came to me recently with a request that shocked me a little. He handed me a letter he had printed from the internet explaining that he wanted to add a new sexual game in our marriage, male chastity. I had never heard of such a thing so I did my usual internet search and found blogs and websites and all sorts of resources.
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My Husband Wants Me to Place Him in a Male Chastity Device

This blog will describe what it is like to be a husband in chastity that has entered into a Wife Led Relationship. Deserving of a comment!

Many married couples find the concept of male chastity fun and exciting. This is particularly true if the husband is somewhat accommodating and humble or the wife is somewhat assertive. In fact, it can benefit almost any heterosexual relationship. Having your husband in chastity is not just fun and games there are real benefits to the male chastity lifestyle.

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  1. In my experience, the benefits of putting your husband into chastity are myriad. It's vitally important that he's a willing participant, though.

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