Goo hye sun and lee min ho dating in real life

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Goo Hye Sunís response to the rumors of her dating Lee Min Ho, Sunday March 8, 2009 Korea

goo hye sun and lee min ho dating in real life
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Posted by: Angie on: March 9, Source : Yahoo Korea Translation by dunlop09 soompi.
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Talent Lee Min Ho 22 has been surrounded by rumors of various relationships.
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In an interview Goo Hye Sun had at the hospital on the 28th, she revealed,"Thanks to Lee Min Ho I got to get to the hospital quickly to receive treatment. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, 'I wish that was Min Ho's car. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.

What's the latest on both of them? Heard min ho dated a college stud for six months. Felt bad I reallly hope ho and sun do end up as a couple. I miss seeing them together.

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