Clone a willy size

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I Made a Vibrating Dildo in the Shape of My Husband's Penis And I Have No Regrets

clone a willy size
and    eating pussy like a champ

Fucking the cloned cock of my fianc/u00e9 HARD, With a short handjob before

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Mar 26, 2 comments. I literally wish I could just make a mold of his penis to have forever. The molding kit works surprisingly well and gives you a super-realistic replica of your junk.
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The idea of turning your own cock into a Frankenstein composite is something that should be subject to discussion before such a procedure is ever made possible. I guess I should first clarify that the act of cloning my penis isn't nearly as scientific as I'm making it seem.

These kits really work well and do make exact replicas, provided that customers follow the instructions to the letter.
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All standard kits include a 5? inch vibrator. This is our standard vibrator and it should work for just about any size penis. If your penis is over 9 long, however.
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My boyfriend and I have attempted it twice. All you need is a spoon, bowl, measuring cup, scissors and tape. All the instructions come with the kit.

I will start by saying that my husband is a brilliant, kind, gentle man; the kind of human who rescues wounded baby birds off the side of the road and nurses them back to health, and who cherishes nothing more than his library card and a mug of hot tea. And I made this pure, sweet, lovely soul fuck a tube of gel to clone his peen for my amusement. I am a monster, to be sure, but I write for Cosmo, and what needs to be done, needs to be done. Besides, that bird seed ain't buying itself. My husband reluctantly agreed because he knows he married a crazy person and he was already forced to do all the sex in 50 Shades of Grey and put a donut on his ding dong , so whatever, this should be a walk in the park. I received the Clone-A-Willy kit in the mail : having already seen a video of how it works , I felt like I kinda knew what to expect.


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