Victor x yuri

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Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

victor x yuri
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Viktor finds out.
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Viktor X Yuri Sticker

Victor may show a sweet innocent side of him but what if he had a secret? A secret involving Yuri begging for Victor to ravish him. (18 or older please t.
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Victor has been spending most of the season training Yuri and only joining him on the ice in practice sessions., Yuuri was a huge fan of Victor's ever since he was a child, and it has greatly inspired him to skate.

Yuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov Premium Box

Yuuri is a fan of Victor Nikiforov and was inspired by him to pursue a career in skating. Yuuri viewed Victor as a role model and dreamed of one day surpassing him. Yuuri even named his poodle, Vicchan, after Victor, further showing his great admiration. In episode 7, it starts off with Yuuri being nervous and tired, having been unable to sleep the night before.


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  1. The light haired man ran his fingers through Yuri's short, dark hair, while holding the younger man's hand with his other.

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